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Take a luxurious moment for yourself with the Self-Care Deluxe bundle from Green Roads. This hand-picked selection of products lets you treat yourself to a journey of discovery, and see the many indulgent ways CBD can support you. It includes gourmet CBD chocolate, CBD bath bombs, samples of CBD oils, and many more exquisite experiences. Treat yourself like royalty!

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This carefully selected collection of some of the world’s best CBD products is a luxurious way to make time for self-care. Take a look!!

Green Roads CBD chocolate bar combines gourmet, small-batch, artisanal chocolate with 180mg of hemp cannabinoids for a blissful bite. You will absolutely love it.

Our Relax Capsules each contain 25mg CBD, GABA and 5-HTP ifor the perfect way to unwind every day. With 30 capsules in the jar, it’s a month of relaxation.

Treat yourself with this dual pack of CBD bath bombs from Green Roads. Our Calming and Peace CBD bath bombs with Roman chamomile and lavender are simply amazing.

Our 50mg Muscle & Joint Cream offers you on-the-spot support.

The CBD Sample Pack is a delightful variety pack that includes samples of Green Roads premium CBD products in a small green organza bag (CBD Muscle and Joint Cream, Relax and Sleep Capsules, CBD Broad Spectrum Oils 25mg Original, Apple Kiwi Bliss and Mint Breeze)